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Anderssen, Vidar

[judge.address] Nissedalsvegen 671, 3854 Nissedal
[judge.country] Norway
[judge.born] 1969
[judge.phone-private] +47 92869209
[judge.phone-mobile] +47 92869209
[judge.email] viande3@online.no
[judge.number] 15697
[judge.languages] English, Norwegian
[judge.belongs-to-country] Norway
[judge.first-authorized] 2013
[judge.is-national] [common.no]
[judge.championship-level] Norway, Sweden, Finland, Czech Republic
[judge.kennel-name] Dolma Ling
[judge.breeder-of] Standard Schnauzer, Mini Schnauzer
[judge.general-info] My parents had two german shepards when I was born. Then in 1981 we got our first giant schmauzer and we were very impressed by it's great caracter and apperance. Our breeding program started in 2003, and we currently breed standard- and miniture schanuzers, mainly in back coats.
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2 Giant Schnauzer, Black 181
2 Giant Schnauzer, Pepper and salt 181
2 Miniature Schnauzer, Black 183
2 Miniature Schnauzer, Black and silver 183
2 Miniature Schnauzer, Pepper and salt 183
2 Miniature Schnauzer, White 183
2 Schnauzer, Black 182
2 Schnauzer, Pepper and salt 182